Gabriel Stoian – graduates from the University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca in 2014, obtaining a PhD diploma in visual arts, and gives his debut as an aspiring artist in the same year. His first exhibition will take place in Bucharest’s ALERT studio (white code), followed by numerous activities in the local art scene and on an international level: Vienna Art Fair ALERT Studio, 2014; Bucharest Biennale 2014; Multimedia Center for Visual Arts, Bucharest 2015; Lateral Art Space, the Brush Factory, Cluj-Napoca 2015; Group exhibition, Melkweg Expo Center, Amsterdam, 2015; Videozoom: Romania, group exhibition, Museo di Roma 2015; etc. His artistic practice consists on a democratic approach towards all well known visual mediums. However, it is with ease to observe that it is drawing that stands at the core of his creative process. The works are often explained by the artist as confessions, intimate and poetic, imminent experiences are envisioned as direct genres by Gabriel Stoian.